Rivolta coffee branding

Strategy, brand-identity, naming

Rivolta — a new coffee brand of the middle price segment, desired to get on the shop shelves in the Ukrainian market.


The coffee market is incredibly competitive. To find the uniqueness is the biggest difficulty in the strategy developing, because all other well-known brands have already shown all the product advantages in their communication.


We talked to the audience to understand how people choose coffee, what they know about varieties and methods of preparation. It turned out that the vast majority didn’t know anything at all. Few people know that the same coffee tastes different depending on the method of brewing.

In this ignorance, we saw the opportunity to do what the competitors don’t: to explain the link between the coffee taste and the brewing method; to teach people how to make perfect coffee at home.

In fact, the product line design reflects the combination of few aspects: the situation when people drink coffee at home, a certain type of grinding, the ratio of Robusta/Arabica and the perfect method of brewing.

Using the amplitude of the sound waves on the packaging, we show the strength or softness of the coffee taste. The bitter Robusta “sounds” more dynamically, which means that the wave oscillations are sharper, while in Arabica they are smoother.

In the morning when you’re in a hurry, the best solution is to brew coarse coffee in the cup. So on a Rivolta packaging with a descriptor “Aroma, that awakens”, a cup is depicted.

The geyser coffee machine is perfect to brew medium-grind coffee and has smooth musical waves because the taste, in this case, is softer. This method is perfect for those who procrastinate, waiting for inspiration to get to work, therefore descriptor says “Aroma, that inspires”.

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