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About us

About us

We’re directing companies towards reaching their business goals. Since 2011, our agency has been standing behind the various brands from retail, food, medical, manufacturing, and other industries.

Extensive market research, masterfully crafted strategy, and a gram of a secret ingredient — that’s what it takes to convince us to say: “Yes, it will definitely work out”.

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Oleksandr Topolnytskyy
+380 96 463 6934



Our team

Oleksand Topolnytskyy

Chief Strategy Officer, lecturer of Branding at LNAA

Yuliana Kovaliuk

Account Manager

Mykhailo Korotkov

Business Development Manager

Andriy Lebediev

Design Director

Sofia Neborak

UI/UX Designer

Nazar Yaremchuk

Graphic Designer

Angelina Mamushkina

Product Designer

Ksenia Verbelchuk

UI/UX Designer

Mariana Topolnytska

Psychologist and Researcher

Andriana Bochyliuk

UI/UX Designer

Anna Vyrstiuk

Graphic Designer

Anna Haidash

UI/UX Designer


Emotional Support