Branding for Mahur cheese

Brand strategy, naming, positioning, packaging, label design

A craft cheese made by cheesemakers in the Carpathian mountains is a new product of Eco Gazda manufacture. Our goal was to create the full branding for a new product.

We took the idea of ​​sincerity and authenticity for the basis of the brand. The main elements of the design were the images of ordinary people working on the farm: a shepherd, a boy with a cow, a woman with buckets and a dog. Hand-crafted watercolor illustrations emphasize the authenticity of the cheese-making process. Cold blurred colors convey the atmosphere of a mountain village in the fog.

The brand name comes from the word “magura”, which means “mountain”. According to our ideas, magur is an inhabitant of the mountains, grazing the sheep and making the cheese on the highlands. He knows all the secrets of cooking delicious and nutritious cheeses. The bright color of the logo emphasizes the richness and expressiveness of the taste.

We have created a brand to transmit an atmosphere, mood, and environment where people making cheese work. We emphasized the mystery of highlands with rare herbs which affect the quality of milk and the taste of cheese particularly. As a result, in the first season, the sales plan was doubled.


Author of the idea — Nadia Dmyterchuk
Strategy director Oleksandr Topolnytskyy
Art direction Yonchi Savenok
Designers — Nadia Dmyterchuk, Karina Pasechka
Photo Karina Pasechka, Oleksandr Novitskyy
Project manager Yulia Guk

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