Tango Travel rebranding

Brand strategy, brand identity, logo, illustrations, UI/UX design of an online tour sales service


Tango Travel agency has been in the travel business for 12 years. It is one of the largest carriers working through agency organizations throughout Ukraine. It organizes tours to more than 35 countries of the world.

Tango Travel has set an ambitious goal – to become the leader in online sales in the market. And we helped them with this by working on the company’s new branding. We created a convenient and attractive website interface and updated all branded materials.


The creation of the visual brand wrapper was preceded by a thorough research of the market, the agency and, in fact, travellers who have bought bus tours here at least once. 

These are not desperate adventurers who get a thrill from planning their own routes. Not the descendants of Indiana Jones, for whom a trip without adrenaline is not a trip. 

Our main audience is people who still appreciate the beauty of Old Europe and gratefully accept help in planning. For them, travel is not an adventure, but rather therapy. For such people we created a new image of the brand.

Tango Travel is not an instigator, but, first of all, a friend who helps to plan a vacation. A friend with whom you will share warm travel memories. The one who cares about your comfort. The one who is always in touch and ready to help. It is safe and calm with us. And definitely not boring. 

The identity is based on clear, concise typography and hand-drawn illustrations. They resemble warm, a little fuzzy, but such emotional memories. The drawings are created as if they were drawn by the travelers themselves, so that everyone can see a part of themselves in them.


We conducted interviews with agents who book tours through the Tango Travel website. This gave us an understanding of how to improve the user experience on the agency’s website.

So we created a convenient and clear website with an updated “face” of the brand. The site is still updating. Will show you soon.

Project team: Oleksandr Topolnytskyy, Anna Vyrstiuk, Sofia Neborak, Nazar Yaremchuk, Anna Haidash, Yulia Kovaliuk

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