Brand identity for SEBTO media

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SEBTO is a modern Ukrainian media about dignity and equality. It helps to understand the world, talks about human rights, society, politics and culture.

SEBTO grew out of a Lviv NGO engaged in educational projects in the field of human rights.

However, no one could understand what they did or remember the name. Sometimes people attended their events without understanding who organized it.

It was decided to make the NGO a media in the process of rebranding. To make it understandable for people. Making Sebto a stylish and recognizable brand was our biggest ambition.  

So that no one else would ask “whose podcast have I been listening to for six months?” 


SEBTO is about posts, podcasts, lectures, events. It is a living organism that is constantly evolving. New products appear, old ones disappear. 

The challenge we faced was to create a design system where each conceptual podcast (existing or future) had its own recognizable style, but did not break out of the main style of Sebto. 


The very name of the media (sebto means that is) encrypts its purpose: to explain. Not to surprise, shock or impress. First of all, SEBTO is about interpreting information. 

That is why we have created a clean, somewhat strict, concise and at the same time expressive identity for SEBTO. Nothing superfluous. Only knowledge. 

For convenient use of our identity in the future, we did not set a specific style of visual content use. We relied on a clear grid, and recognizable typography only.

So that unnecessary decoration does not distract the viewer from the main thing. 


Developing the identity of SEBTO podcasts, we created a design pattern that is convenient to use in the future.

It should always be based on a concise illustration – a metaphor of the podcast topic. 

MORNING DOPPIO is a flagship product. It is a news podcast that comes out three times a week at 7 am.

The cover depicts a cup of coffee with wings, flying and hurrying to charge with a portion of news. 

MACHIAVELKI is a podcast about politics. On the cover we depicted a broken TV screen.

This screen became a metaphor for propaganda, distortion of information and uncertainty of time. 

ACADEMIC FLIRT is a podcast about relevant topics of our time, recorded in the form of friendly (or who knows) flirting between two hosts.

An eye looks at us from the cover through the keyhole. It tries to spy/eavesdrop on what these two are flirting about.

GIRL’S NIGHTS – women’s evening conversations about personal matters. Here we depicted a relaxed lady who “gets naked” for the listeners, telling her stories.

This is the only podcast so far with an inverted black cover. This way we emphasized the intimacy of the conversations.

IN 348 PAGES is a podcast about literature. Here we drew 3, 4 and 8 matches, the last of which we “lit”.

This is a reference to Ray Bradbury’s book “Fahrenheit 451”, where the topic of reading was crucial for the development of a healthy society.

THE GIRLS HAD NO TROUBLE – a podcast of two girls talking about experiments on themselves. Visual: Schroedinger’s cat is alive and about to come out to play with a ball of thread.

Here we flirt with the viewer, because we immediately spoil that the “trick was successful” and the cat is alive))

Sebto site in progress….

Gram team: Oleksandr Topolnytskyy, Anna Vyrstiuk, Nazar Yaremchuk, Sofia Neborak, Yuliana Kovaliuk, Anna Haidash

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