Seeing the unseen: Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin’2020

Brand identity, illustration

The greater the distance from the object is, the less clear it becomes. The more time passes, the harder it gets to remember the details

UKRAЇNIAN FILM FESTIVAL BERLIN gives Ukrainians living in Germany an opportunity to feel connected to their country and its culture. Focus, refresh, and highlight their memories of home. In the festival identity, we revived these memories and made them more expressive. We underlined the uniqueness of Ukraine and its cinematography through nature with an emphasis on flora. Captured the strength of our character in images of both “tender” and “prickly” flowers. Accented our authenticity through the distinctive «Ї» symbol in the logo and the NAMU typeface based on the ancient Ukrainian letters. And expressed the idea through the designs of posters, tickets, festival programs, bags, and various materials for social media.

By doing so, we manifested the strong, free, unique, modern, and poetic spirit of the festival. Creating the cinematic blossom of feeling home.


Creative Director: Oleksandr Topolnytskyy

Art Director & Designer: Anna Vyrstiuk

NAMU typeface: Dmitry Rastvortsev

Post-Production: Anna Vyrstiuk, Yonchi Savenok, Anton Tkachuk, Anastasia Shago

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