Realms of fantasies: Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin’2021

Branding, illustrations, poster


Cinema is believed to be an embodiment of the fantasies. In the identity of this year’s Berlin Film Festival, we communicate with visitors with the help of weird creatures.

This year’s event’s motto is “realms of fantasies”.

In tough times, you often want to escape from reality and find yourself in another place.

But irreal realms can also be an appropriate place to imagine and model a better future.

We can see them when squinting in the sun, viewing negative spaces of the shadows, observing swaying trees, or examining scratches on the walls. 

Papercut chimeras became the leitmotif in Berlin’s festival identity this year. Scissors and paper are the tools that bring us back to something primitive and infantile. They let us seize bizarre and kaleidoscopical chimeras of our collective and personal unconsciousness.

Realms of fantasy is about the absence of limits, freedom, courage, the willingness to create your own reality and never lose your inner child. These images help Ukrainians living in Germany feel more connected to their cultural roots and rekindle their home memories. The Stylistics of chimeras closely intertwines with the style of linocut and woodcut artists that we used to contemplate in our fairy tale books. 

We outlined our alternative identity by creating a heron-horse, boneless hare, bizarre scrawny dog, six-legged cat, swan-snake, and dinosaur.

This way, we accentuated the festival’s uniqueness, otherness, and modernness by creating a chimerical fauna of our lands. 

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