Enzym. Rebranding

Brand identity, logotype

Enzym Company is the largest producer of the yeast and a leader of yeast market in Ukraine. The company’s share of Ukrainian market is about 60%. Almost 40% of Enzym products are exported to 13 European countries. The slogan “Always one step ahead” indicates openness to innovation and focus on innovative global product manufacturing.


Update company logo and visual identity system, create a new brandbook.


Make the brand identity modern, easy to perceive and reproduce, and at the same time keep the traditional elements that ensure brand recognition on the market.


We decided to leave a graphic symbol on the logo to preserve connection with previous identity and demonstrate the stability of the company. To facilitate visual perception, we simplified its structure to three elements, giving each one a certain value.

Pattern is an additional brand identifier. It denotes stylized yeast cells and performs a decorative function.

The main color of the brand is green. It is easy for remembering and helps to create an emotional connection with consumers. Additional colors are yellow and dark gray for the font part of the logo and texts.

Project team: Oleksandr Topolnytskyy, Mykhailo Kuspys, Anna Vyrstiuk, Yulia Kovaliuk

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