UCU Law School

Brand identity, logotype

UCU Law School is a division of Social Science Faculty, combining all the legal direction of education at UCU. It is an innovative structure responsive to nowadays changes and challenges that unites industry leaders. Here values and people come first, not profits. The school informal slogan is «Not another Law School».


To develop a visual identity system for the Ukrainian Catholic University Law School. 


to create modern and fresh identity without ruining the library silence inherent for this industry.


Brand identity declares a combination of knowledge and traditions with modernity and openness to innovation. The first association coming to our minds when we are talking about a legal activity is restraint. We’ve decided to do the opposite. Red color distinguishes the institution among competitors. The updating of aesthetics of Cyrillic combined with letters of Latin alphabet means a combination of western and eastern European culture.​​​​​​​

The UCU School of Law declares: the foundation of our values is knowledge and history, but at the same time we are open for modernity and innovations.

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