Termo Union rebranding

Brand identity, logotype

Termo Union — a network of heating and water supply stores. The main stores are located in places that are oversaturated with outdoor advertising, district centers and small-scale trade sectors.


We were inspired by the aesthetics of the domestic “market” communication. Our goal is to scream louder than others. The competitive environment of Termo Union looks all the same and boring. Each store on the market copies the style of German companies, believing that it will look reliable and arouse customer confidence.

Our approach: minimum of tediousness, maximum of emotions. After all, a person who needs to solve the difficult issue of heating his own home will most likely notice and trust the Termo Union. Termo Union speaks their language, knows how to joke, looks like a modern company, and provides quality service. We communicate simply, show everything as it is. We made a strong logo, the letters of which resemble pipes, and one of the identity elements is an asterisk that communicates both “termo” and “union”.


Author of the idea — Mykhailo Kuspys
Strategy director Oleksandr Topolnytskyy
Art direction — Mykhailo Kuspys, Petro Nahirnyy
Designers — Mykhailo Kupys, Anna Vyrstiuk
Photo — Anna Vyrstiuk, Mykhailo Kuspys
Project manager Yuliana Kovaliuk

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