Enzym. Brand update

Branding, 3D illustrations, 3D animations

The world is for bold

Enzym now: always one step ahead

The only producer of dry yeast in Ukraine and long-time leader of the baking yeast in the market.

As of today, the company is updating globally, moving towards the biotech and implementing innovative processes, considering this, Enzym identity needs to be kept up to date.

An important stage in the transformation and progress of the company is the communication of these changes to all company employees at different levels and ages. 

That is why Enzym creates new company values. They are designed to convey the main focus of the company for the coming years to people and to realize their own involvement and responsibility of all employees.

Enzym encourages its employees to be proactive and courageous.

Because the world is for bold.

We visualized them with the help of their greatest passion and object of constant research – the yeast cell.

Worked closely with Enzym we created brand communications, visualization of new values, reinterpretation of yeast cells

Project team: Oleksandr Topolnytskyy, Anna Vyrstiuk, Anastasiya Shergina, Anastasiya Shago

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