Vzhe-Vzhe brand & site

Brand identity, naming, online store design, UI / UX

Vzhe-Vzhe (formerly LeoSouvenir) is the largest online and offline store of national clothing in Ukraine, offering a wide range of products of major Ukrainian manufacturers and craftsmen of hand embroidery.


Develop a system of visual and verbal identity, a brand book, and create an online store design


An online store of embroidery is a common thing now. Everyone can choose an embroidered shirt, dress, T-shirt, suit or even socks without leaving home. Traditional Ukrainian clothing has become a trend. Therefore, developing a system of visual and verbal identity which would distinguish Vzhe-Vzhe among other national clothing stores was a challenge for us.


Having conducted a workshop with the customer and in-depth interviews with online store buyers, we found out that most of Ukrainians buy embroidered shirts (vyshyvanka) for a holiday. So we associate vyshyvanka with a festive, solemn event. The feeling of coming celebration is reflected in a simple name Vzhe-Vzhe. The basis of the visual identity is an ornamental motif symbolizing folk art. It links modern vyshyvanka with a traditional craft of our ancestors.

Online store

While designing an online store, we were using the design thinking methodology, which helped us to see the real needs of business and its customers.

Simple, easy-to-understand steps for wholesale purchases are an advantage of the updated site. The redesign of the online store focuses on maximum ease of use for different target audiences.

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