Yurashky gingerbread gallery

Brand and communication strategy, descriptor, slogan, packaging design


Yurashky is a gingerbread shop/bakery/workshop. The location in the heart of Lviv made them popular among tourists. Especially during the Christmas holidays. The brand contacted us to update the packaging. We took on the project and in the process saw more opportunities for the development of Yurashky.

So we set ourselves several new goals: to make Yurashky more than an attraction for tourists, more than a gingerbread for Christmas. To make everyone who passes by this store fall in love with the brand and, last but not least, to make them smile.


During the creation of the strategy, we outlined a plan according to which Yurashky would transform from “gingerbread for the holidays” into “gingerbread that creates mood”. To smile here and now, you don’t have to wait for St. Nicholas day. Do you want to tease your beloved? To please your parents? Confess your love to your wife? To cheer up your child? Cheer yourself up? The gingerbread from Yurashky will cope with such a mission. It is like a non-trivial postcard, which you can also eat. Like a quick dose of endorphins.

Yurashky is a place that creates smiles for the inner child in each of us. It is the smile that forms the basis of verbal and non-verbal communication.
We “sewed” a smile into the logo, conveyed the emotion and character of the brand.


Everyone who has been to Lviv at least once could not help but pay attention to the incredible number of establishments with the signature “Handmade”. To stand out among the competitors, we turned the handmade into the Yurashky Gingerbread Gallery.

The descriptor with a reference to art is more suitable for a place where each gingerbread is like a painting. We created a dynamic slogan that changes depending on the situation and context.
“For me, for you, love you and thank you”


There are many categories of products and sizes of gingerbread in Yurashky. Not to mention the categories of “out of category”, very special gingerbreads that were the product of instant inspiration of gingerbread artists. Therefore, we have developed such a differentiation of categories that would be both beautiful and would simplify the life of people who will create designs after us.

We also designed universal boxes for gingerbread of various shapes, where the products would be securely fixed. After all, gingerbread is a fragile art.

Project team: Oleksandr Topolnytskyy, Misha Buksha, Mykhailo Kuspys, Elina Kobylianska, Anastasiya Shago, Margaryta Peshkina, Yulia Kovaliuk

Post production: Anna Vyrstiuk, Nazar Yaremchuk, Anna Haidash

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