Rodynna pekarnia

Research, product strategy and positioning, corporate identity, packaging, interior design

For more than 20 years, the brand “Rodynna kovbaska” has been pleasing the taste buds of the Ukrainians by offering high-quality meat products. We helped the brand launch a new business direction – Rodynna pekarnia – a bakery, which would continue the family-owned business’s best traditions and create a unique offer in the crowded niche of lookalikes.




We were challenged with creating a unique concept and design to help the company stand out in the saturated market of bakery products. There were already years of experience and undivided customers’ loyalty behind the brand name “Rodynna kovbaska”, and we decided to use it to our advantage. Our task was to make the concept of a new brand in the best family-based tradition of “Rodynna kovbaska”. But, at the same time, it had to possess its own flair.  


On our quest for inspiration for creating the concept, we dived deep into the history of Lviv Bakers’ guilds and artisan bread makers that could be traced back to the Medival times. We intended to create a place full of an ambient atmosphere where everyone could get extra care and feel like they never left home.  


When dividing bread consumers into different groups, we discovered that the young generation’s segment eats less bread. They are also likely to buy more expensive and healthy bread products. As it turned out, this generation experiences certain food waste anxiety by being left with one choice – to purchase large loaves of bread that quickly get stale or become as hard as a rock. Our “on-premise” audience research led us to the conclusion that the bakery could satisfy the needs of multiple consumer segments. We also pointed out two distinctive categories – students and moms with strollers passing by the place where “Rodynna pekarnia” was supposed to be launched. 


Fresh bread is something that we can easily find and buy to our heart’s content. Yet, many bakeries continue to advertise the freshness of bread as their main point of differentiation. Unlike the competitors, we shifted our commercial focus towards the savory pastry. 


Firstly, our team created a human-centered interior design. We established a baby-friendly environment: set up a wheelchair ramp at the entrance, made spacious aisles so that full-size strollers could fit in, displayed get-and-go bakery products, wrapped in crafty parchment paper, and put up baby-changing tables. We also created a separate section for students who pop into the bakery to quickly enjoy a pastry with a cup of coffee. In addition to that, the bakery can boast of an extensive selection of bread and pastry products that satisfies all tastes and budgets.

Secondly, we managed to strike a perfect balance between the modern and the past. We added Ukrainian folk elements along with the attributes of the Lviv Bakers’ Guilds to the contemporary interior design and bakery’s staff apparel. 

Finally, we helped transform “Rodynna pekarnia” into an ambient and feel-like-home place. 

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