Zaporuka: raising awareness for child charity

Advertising campaign, social project

Children who are under Zaporuka’s care told us what they will do after their recovery. Zaporuka’s team told us that child cancer is treatable in 80% of all cases.

Tomorrow that is dreamt of, not today that is hardly bearable

We created a campaign drawing insights from interviews with founders, children, and supporters. Barriers that are stopping oneself to do good, a deep emotional pain of the team, a lucid children’s dream — all of that crystallizes in the big idea “when I’ll recover, I fulfil my dream”. It’s when, not if. And we are here to make this future without tragic messages and karmic obligations. Confidence — that’s what we’re talking about.


“I’ll have a pie. And a pizza. And a burger. And a cake.”

“I’m gonna be swinging aaaaall day long.”

“I’ll give a huge hug to Archi who I haven’t seen since last autumn.”

“It’s the first thing Vira will do after her recovery.”


Zaporuka’s logo as a yellow butterfly is twined into a golden ribbon. It’s a wordly acnowledged symbol of a child oncology. It unites us on a path from dream to dream.

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