Povna Chasha Redesign

Packaging Redesign, Font Design

The beauty is on the outside — customer demands! And yet, a private lable of chain retailer Silpo “Povna Chasha” had its beauty hidden within. The products were not related as for packaging design – some had a look with a prominent logo and brand attributes, some, at first glance, had nothing to do with the brand at all.

Gram decided to create a flexible design system that could be developed by an in-house team. The image of the Holi festivities is at the core of this system. The emotion of mindful happiness wrapped up in a moment, one that helps to experience daily difficulties. Just like our private lable.

The logo turned into a sincere, full-hearted smile, as if from the faces of loved ones. Only a special font would fit it… which we created ourselves.

The gram design system was shown in 6 SKUs, where the new logo is tied with illustrations and a custom font.

The new system is being grown by the talented hands of the Silpo’s design team. These are products that have been designed in-house.

Take your blessed fullness in the nearest Silpo!


Project team: Oleksandr Topolnytskyy, Yonchi Savenok, Karina Pasechka, Mykhailo Kuspys, Anna Vyrstiuk, Yuliana Kovaliuk

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