Italian Bakery Redesign

Branding, packaging


“Italian bakery” is the biggest pizzeria in Lviv, purveying their pizza by the slice. The small bakeries of this chain are located in different parts of the downtown. The bakery seems to be there when you suddenly crave for a snack otherwise you will never notice it anywhere. Therefore we would like not simply to upgrade the brand identity but make the chain recognizable and emphasize its Italian character.


We were looking for inspiration in everything concerning sunny Italy and came up with the idea of vintage smooth shapes and vivid colors. That’s why the new font logo of the bakery is designed in the art-deco style.

The azure color which dominated the visual identity has been always a part of the bakery design. We have simply pulled it out on the surface and that is what brought a new life to the whole design.  “Italian bakery” has become a noticeable bakery with modern design.


Art direction — Yonchi Savenok
Designers — Mykhailo Kupys, Anna Vyrstiuk, Andriy Lebedev
Photo — Anna Vyrstiuk, Mykhailo Kuspys
Project manager — Yuliana Kovaliuk