Lvivski Drizhdzhi redesign

Brand strategy, packaging design


The trademark “Lvivski Drizhdzhi” ensures around 70% of the Ukrainian yeast market. It is considered to be an absolute leader among compressed yeast manufacturers. Moreover, the silver package and a vivid red logo are familiar to nearly all the young Ukrainian people since their childhood.

Our main task was to outline the identity of the brand; increase the visibility and readability of the attributes; unite the basic product lines: the compressed and dry yeast; to improve their recognizability as their design was absolutely different and didn’t fit into the product line.


During the thorough interviews the respondents were asked to share the memories associated with baking. All of them were related to home and family coziness. Therefore, we would like the brand to deliver such a delightful and warm experience as a family gathering with a fresh bakery at the table.

The brand’s slogan «Bake love!» is the key message which we have placed around the heart-shaped pretzel. 

The lined graphics emphasize the logo and are associated with the feeling of warmth, tactile sensations of the dough, family circle and visually convey the yeasts’ effect.

We have decreased the intensity of the green colour which drew too much attention and placed a red logo along the package width. This solution was unique for the category and enabled to distinguish “Lvivski Drizhdzhi” from all the competitors’ brands.


Project team: Oleksandr Topolnytskyy, Petro Nahirnyy, Mykhailo Kuspys, Anna Vyrstiuk, Yuliana Kovaliuk